Do not complicate land certification process: President

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA — President Joko Widodo has warned the National Land Agency (BPN) officials against complicating the land certification process. “Do not do it. Do not complicate matters that are actually simple. Speed up the process instead of complicating it by involving illegal levies. Be careful,” he warned the BPN officials on Monday.

The president was speaking in the village of Karangrejek in the district of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, at an event where he symbolically handed over 2,583 land certificates.

He counseled that the land certification process must be made simpler, easier, cheaper and quicker and the BPN officials must never do anything to violate the rules. “I think many BPN officials from provincial, district and city offices are here. From now on, be careful. I have warned you. I will monitor, check and control every office myself using my own way,” he stated.

President Jokowi, as he is also called, warned that common people must not face problems while the process is made easier for the rich.

President Jokowi said everyone must receive the same treatment, adding that the national agrarian operation project (Prona) has been in force for 35 years but the work remains unfinished. “We will bring it to completion and will put things in order so that people’s ownership of land or possession right is guaranteed,” he noted.

President Jokowi has set a target for the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Affairs Sofyan Djalil to grant five million land certificates in 2017, seven million in 2018 and nine million in 2019.

He admitted that land measurement workers were in short supply and as of now, only 800 workers were available across the country. This was a major reason why certificates could not be issued. “Next year, workers from outside could be involved. While civil servants may not be involved, workers from outside could be roped in after they obtain a competency certificate,” he proposed.

President Joko Widodo reminded that the issue has been hanging fire for years but no efforts have ever been made to recruit more workers. “We know the problem but we have never increased their numbers. How long will it continue? This situation must be resolved,” he stressed.

Minister Sofyan Djalil informed that as of now, 43 million land certificates have been readied while 120 million more need to be issued. “God willing, by 2019, 25 million more new certificates will be issued and by 2025, all plots of land in Indonesia will be certified,” he concluded.