Transportation Ministry officials arrested over illegal fees scandal

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta – Transportation Ministry officials were arrested in an operation led by the Jakarta Police on Tuesday for allegedly collecting illegal levies related to licensing services.

Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said he had received reports about the alleged collection of illegal fees a month after he became minister. “I received reports indicating that illegal fee collection occurred in the ministry, especially with regard to licensing services,” he said in a written statement.

Budi elaborated that since collecting illegal fees was in the domain of criminal law; the minister coordinated with the police to follow up on the issue. He also said he reported his initial findings to the police.

The police investigated the case and found strong evidence before deciding to arrest the officials.

“I extend my appreciation to the police, who have worked hard to solve this case,” the minister said.

He hoped this incident could provide a deterrent effect and encourage government officials in the ministry to stop corruption, collusion and nepotism at all levels. (win)