New Entrepreneur in Indonesia Only Grew 1.65 Percent

Sindonews – Jakarta – Want to know the key to the success of an entrepreneur? The answer is easy.. just leadership.

“A successful entrepreneur on average have a spirit of leadership that qualified. Look at Ciputra, Bob Sadino or Chairul,” said Director of PT Pelindo I, Bambang Eka Cahyana when book review  titled ‘From The Perspective of Strategic Management: Knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ by Dr. Ir. Manerep Pasaribu in Jakarta, recently.

Bambang, who conducted the leadership spirit of entrepreneurship which calls above is more suitable to be applied in the field of private companies or entrepreneurs. However, it could also be applied in the corporate state as he leads today.

“In Pelindo I now, continued to grow with the transformation. Transformation when viewed from the side of the theory is actually adopting these three things. First of knowledge management and innovation both in the corporate and important leadership adopted instead of the spirit of private entrepreneurs,” explained Bambang.

Meanwhile, the author of the book, Manerep Pasaribu said, what is written in this book can be implemented, either on campus, companies and corporations.

“This book is the first to teaching to students. Both create an entrepreneur in order to wake up the country, that’s the key,” he said after the ceremony that was held Alumni Association of Mechanical Engineering University of North Sumatra (IKATM-USU).

for evidence that the entrepreneur can develop the country, exemplified in some advanced economies countries. The share of entrepreneurs in the United States (US) around 11 percent. Then China 10 percent, 7 percent of Singapore, Malaysia 3 percent. Unfortunately, in the new Indonesia grew 1.65 percent.

“We really need more entrepreneurs to grow in Indonesia, because the entrepreneur who can make the country become developed. It has been proven to do the world and other developing countries,” said Manerep.