Because of Hoe, Ministry of Industry Holds Meeting

Sindonews – JAKARTA – Ministry of Industry held a meeting to discuss the import of hoes and stated that most of hoe used in Indonesia are domestic products.

“There are imports, but in small numbers. That yesterday was the import of 86,000, while the needs of 10 million. We are still meeting,” said Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartanto in Jakarta, Monday (31/10) as reported Antara.

He said imports tooling farmers for plowing is done because there is a demand from country.

“Yes, in January there is a demand,” he said.

However Airlangga asserted that the government seek to hoe import does not happen again because the domestic manufacturers are still able to meet the needs of tools and materials.

“No. Krakatau Steel production can have their raw materials, Barata was able to make the hoe and SMEs can make a hoe,” he said.

Meeting about imports of hoe among others was attended by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture Syarif Hidayat, Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics I Gusti Putu Suryawirawan and the Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dody Edward.

As is known, PT Trading Company Indonesia (PPI) recorded a hoe imported from China. Hoe these imports enter through Medan in August.

Corporate Secretary PT Trading Company Indonesia (PPI), Syailendra said it has received permission from the Ministry of Commerce (Ministry of Trade). The Ministry of Trade has given PT PII appointment as the official importer of the hoe.

“In August, hoe from China had entered, the entry to Medan. We have hoe import permit until December, permit from Ministry of Trade,” said Syailendra in Jakarta, Sunday (30/10).

On this policy, the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) questioned the government’s commitment to empower small and medium industries (SMI). The government is also regarded not the right way to suppress the circulation of illegal hoe.

“(Imports) It’s tragic. It must be stopped. We can produce really hoe. It harassment against our farmers and also domestic production,” said Chairman YLKI, Tulus Abadi.