President highlights low saving ratio against GDP

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has shed light on the low saving ratio against the gross domestic product (GDP), which is still about 20 percent of the countrys population.

“The ideal percentage is about 32 percent,” the president said while attending a campaign on “Lets Save” held in connection with the Worlds Saving Day at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) here on Monday.

Jokowi also highlighted the low account ownership, which is still about 19 percent of the population of people over 15 years old.

He said that the Indonesian population, which reaches 250 million people, constitutes strength, but it should not merely serve as consumers or as market. It should also serve as productive strength with high working ethos and activeness to generate the economic activities.

“It is our challenges to make the 250 million population a productive strength, because the economic strength of a country could be measured from its investment and saving levels of the people,” the president said.

He said that the high investment of the people of a country will generate the economic activities through the availability of funds that could be channeled for investment, both in the manufacturing and in the financial sectors.