President asked to reform Supreme Court

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Judicial Commission (KY) has called on President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to restructure the organization of the Supreme Court (MA) as part of the efforts to carry out legal reforms in Indonesia.

“We propose that the organization of MA should be restructured, because within the organization, there is bureaucratic overlapping and domination that cause judges to have no adequate independence. This results in widespread court mafia by the court registrars, which has an impact on the court,” KY Chairman Aidul Fitriciada Azhari said at the Presidential Palace here on Tuesday.

He mentioned that Jokowi had just received the KY for hearing several issues on legal reforms, especially judicial reforms.

“We conveyed that judicial reforms must be comprehensive, we hope that the judiciary in the future would become a modern one,” he said.

He mentioned that the MA should focus on the judicial aspect, namely examining, hearing and deciding (of a case), as well on non-judicial aspects such as reforming the bureaucratic aspects.

The Commission also called for improvement in the welfare of judges in the form of housing. He said that the current housing conditions for judges were very bad. Based on Government Regulation (PP) No. 94 year of 2014, one of the facilities given to judges was a state housing facility.

“It is the duty of the State Secretariat to provide this facility so that judges would have enough dignity to appear in society and in the court,” he said.

He said that currently there are many judges who no longer live in hired houses but in rented rooms, which is unfit for their dignity.

KY also proposed that it should be given the authority to supervise the deliberations of the Bill on judges position.

“KY has interest in the management of judges, their recruitment, promotion, transfer, professional assessment, supervision and dismissal,” he said.

He suggested that the supervision of judges should entirely be given to KY. He also proposed that the judiciary must be further reinforced, because it can reduce the burden of the public courts and religious courts, as well as prove useful for promoting harmony among residents.

“The president also questioned the initiation of legal reforms, especially judicial reforms. We said that it would start from the restructuring of the organization of MA because, among others, it will have an impact on the performance and eradication of court mafia,” Aidul said.(*)