Govt Committed in Ensuring Health Budget Allocation

TEMPO.CO, Makassar – The government is committed in ensuring the health budget allocation, pegged at 5 percent of the state budget, in accordance with the law, according to Finance Minister Sri Mulyani.

“The government is committed to ensuring the health budget allocation because it is not consumption, but an investment in the future of Indonesia,” the minister remarked at the 13th National Congress of Indonesian Association of Public Health (IAKMI) here on Thursday.

Sri expressed hope that the IAKMI National Congress can create a substantial recommendation, related to the health care delivery system in the country.

“The government pays great attention to health issues, and therefore, our task is to help our president build a foundation system for care and utilization of health budgets properly,” she noted.

According to her, most health issues are strongly related to non-health problems, such as infrastructure availability of road access, water supply and sanitation, the level of family welfare, education, and lifestyle.

Some of the things that the minister mentioned important for consideration in the IAKMI recommendation are among other things, community contributions based on justice, and the role of the private sector in health care.

“I expect the Indonesian national health community has solid discussion capabilities, and is able to issue a recommendation that is substantial,” she said.