For Trump, Indonesian Businessmen Also Feels Unprecedented and Unpredictable

Sindonews – JAKARTA – Unprecedented victory in US presidential election make some of you probably posted something yourself. Maybe it was funny or cynical, angry or upset.

This is also happening in Indonesia. Many were surprised and seemed unsure if Trump is now holding certain power in Uncle Sam’s land.

And the next question, “what do you think will happen to Indonesia with Trump as the US president?”

“Personally I also surprised Trump as the elected President of US if associated with his statement during the presidential election campaign of which ban on muslims and immigrants come to US. He has also been called Islam a source of confusion in the world. As future leaders should it have politeness, respect another and don’t discriminate the other races,” said the author of ‘Usaha Penanaman Modal di Indonesia’, Lusiana Sanato in Jakarta, Friday (11/11).

However, a woman who is also the property bussines in Bali judging by the background of the entrepreneur, Trump has plenty of brilliant experience to be able to drive him to be successful.

“I hope as president, Trump could remove controversial nature. Hopefully with the election could bring a positive impact for Indonesia, especially in strengthening the cooperation in the economic field between US and Indonesia,” said this Doctor of Laws candidate from Jayabaya University.

Other businessmen, Ishak Tanoto think elected of Trump is unpredictable.

“I think the Trump victory can mean a lot of things for Indonesia, but we are not really sure of his foreign economic policies yet, so we’ll have to wait and see,” this Founder of Story 5Beat said.

He added, his family lives in the US and are US citizens and since they are devout Christians, they actually voted for Trump.

“Why? Because like Trump, they are against gay marriage and legalized weed, so they voted for someone who positions himself as a conservative who was good for the future of America. They are pretty happy… for now,” he said.