Communism is Unlawful for Indonesia

By: Friska Ayu *)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, The term communism is often affiliated to international communism. Communism or Marxism is a basic ideology that is generally used by communist parties around the world, while the international communist ideology was derived from Lenin’s thought so that it can also be called Marxism-Leninism. In communism, social change must start from the takeover of the means of production through the role of the Communist Party. Logically speaking, social change is initiated by labor or better known as the proletariat group, but the organization of labor can only be managed through the party struggle. However, corruption practices by the elites within the party has made communism become “blunt” and no longer attractive.

Communism as an anti-capitalism is a tool to takeover and strongly opposes the ownership of capital accumulation over the individual. In principle, everything belongs to the people and therefore, the entire means of production should be controlled by the state for the sake of fairly distributed people’s prosperity. But in reality, all benefits are only for the elites of the party.

Communism introduces the use of the representative democratic system made by the communist party’s elites. Therefore, it limits direct democracy on people who are not the members of the Communist Party. In communism, there is no individual rights as in liberalism. Generally, communism is based on the theory of Material Dialectics and not based on religious belief. They see religion as opium because it makes people believe in other ideologies that are irrational and unreal.

In fact, Indonesia as a nation in this modern era is still overshadowed by the threat of communist ideology. This is indeed not just a rumor and a nonsense. Various fields ranging from social, political, cultural, defense, and others can prove the existence of the ideology. As the time goes by, the communist ideology has transformed and become much different from the old days. They now use a softer approach and a new cover called the New Style of Communist. Some time ago, the people of Indonesia were surprised by the circulation of the flag, the attributes and the pictures of a number of prominent figures of Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) in several regions in Indonesia. Some examples were in Salatiga, and the graffiti on the wall bearing the PKI logo in the University of Jember, and so on.

It can be concluded that the communist ideology is in contrast with the character of the Indonesia as a nation with a religious community that uphold the constitutional ethics. Historical narratives suggest that communism has killed hundreds of millions of people in order to obtain a power in various countries by using the coup as its tradition. In global world, no other ideology is as cruel as communist ideology.

On the other hand, communist ideology is like an infectious diseases that not only poisons a few people, but spread out in a group and even in a country for decades. Despite its new appearance today, it is quite obvious that they try to lead people to think wrongly about past human rights violations. In fact, no country in the world, including Indonesia wants any bloodshed and all country must guarantee the safety of its people.

The best way to commemorate the 51 years of the events of 1965 is to make it as a lesson, as a part of the strength of the nation. All that has been done by the state was not a violation of human rights. As long as Pancasila becomes the ideology of Indonesia, communism is unlawful for Indonesia. The most fundamental reason is because communism contradicts with the ideology of the Republic of Indonesia.

*) Local politics observer.