Results of Ahok Blasphemy Case Finished Before Friday

Puji Kurniasari, Dudy Novriansyah

Sindonews – JAKARTA – Police Criminal Investigation (Bareskrim) today held expose case related to blasphemy cases committed by Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok).

Head of Public Relations Police Headquarters, Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar explained, the stage of case, which started from calling expert witnesses, calling from Provost Police, Itwasum, investigator, National Police Commission and the Ombudsman.

“There was an invitation to the Commission III to be a supervisor. But do not come,” explained Boy in Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Monday (14/11) night.

After that, will be opened Kabareskrim, Commissioner General Ari Dono Sukmanto.

“Presentation on criminal cases handled, later explained the investigator. So the team explained what is known is based on reports from the public,” said Boy.

After exposure, the expert witness turns giving appropriate explanations scientific perspective of each expert either criminal experts, religious and language specialists.

“Generally, all the people who had testified earlier at the request by the investigators. Since two weeks ago, in a row of these experts have come to the Police Headquarters briefed the investigator who handled the team,” said Boy.

Boy continued, from the testimony of the investigator will use the results of his case to formulate decisions and conclusions of the investigation process.

“Is it worth raised its status to the level of investigation. At least as early as Wednesday and Thursday at the latest. Hopefully there are no barriers, that we can already directives that case of alleged defamation of religion allegations like anything,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kabareskrim, Commissioner General Ari Dono said, the investigation team will analyze everything. Starting reports, evidence, until the expert witness testimony. From all of that, there is certainly a common thread that can be taken.

“In his case there would be disagreements mutually cons. Especially between expert witnesses and expert witnesses reported the complainant. However, we got a foothold on the belief of investigators,” said Ari, Monday (14/11).

“Technically, all based on observations and interviews,” said Ari.

Can the determination of cases completed by the deadline on November 18?

Ari said, police be obedient to meet that deadline. Before Friday (18/11), the analysis and evaluation of the results of his case was announced.

“Two weeks is finished,” he said.

While Ahok itself certainly is not present in this expose case. Spokesman for the winning Ahok-Djarot Saiful Hidayat, Ruhut Sitompul ensure Ahok will not be there.

According Ruhut, Ahok chose to campaign in several places in Jakarta which already scheduled.

“I have an appointment with Ahok for ‘blusukan’ to some point today. We did not come (his case), let alone a team of lawyers,” said Ruhut, Tuesday (15/11).