Export reaches US $12.68 billion as of October

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Indonesia’s export value reached US $12.68 billion as of October, indicating a 0.88 percent increase compared to September. “Compared to October 2015, there is a 4.60 percent increase,” Suhariyanto, Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics, said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The increase of exports in October was prompted by an escalation in non-oil and gas exports by 1.22 percent from $11,507 million to $11,647.7 million. On the contrary, exports for oil and gas commodities went down by 2.85 percent from $1,601.5 million to $1,031.1 million.

The biggest increase for non-oil and gas exports as in October came from animal fat and vegetable oil, which is recorded to have reached $287.1 million or an increase by 19.02 percent.

Meanwhile, exports of ore, crust and metal declined the most by 37.28 percent or $158.8 million. Other commodities that experienced decline in export value include iron and steel for $93 million or 47.76 percent, jewelry products for $75.4 million or 18.83 percent, ready-to-wear clothes for $71.6 million or 22.83 percent, and mechanical machines for $56 million or 10.69 percent.

In nominal terms, the entire non-oil and gas exports for October reached $11.65 billion, which is a 1.22 percent increase from the previous month. Compared to the same period last year, the increase is calculated to be at 8.43 percent.

China became the biggest non-oil and gas export destination in October, with a total export of $1.68 billion, followed by the US with $1.3 billion, and Japan with $1.14 billion.

The total contributions from all three countries reached 35.37 percent. Additionally, export to 28 European Union countries was recorded at $1.22.

Meanwhile, according to the origins of commodities, Indonesia’s export from January to October mostly came from West Java with $21.06 billion, which makes 21.06 percent of the total export number; followed by East Java with $15.34 billion, indicating a 13.10 percent increase; and East Kalimantan with $11.2 billion, which is a 9.57 percent increase.