KPK: Govt to Focus on Corruption in Private Sector

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The government should focus on efforts to prevent corruption in private sector, said Agus Rahardjo, Chief of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), on Wednesday.

“As we know, the government has ratified the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), which has then become Law 7/2006 on ratification of UNCAC,” Agus said, at the opening of International Business Integrity Conference (IBIC) 2016 in Jakarta, on Wednesday.

The law has clearly stated that the authority would have to take necessary measures to prevent corruption in private sectors, he said.In addition, section 16 of the Law has barred private sectors from offering a bribe to public officials, both domestic and foreign officials, as well as international institutions.”After ratifying (the UN convention), the government has the authority to impose necessary sanctions,” Agus added.

The anti-graft chief has also criticized the law on KPK and corruption, which according to him, has limited the commissions authority.”It is different with Singapore and Malaysia. They can execute a case even if the state did not suffer a financial loss,” he said.

The commission has also cooperated with various countries to prevent and take measures against corruption, he added.”Our cooperation will not only cover prevention efforts but also legal action. We are cooperating with Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Britain. Hopefully, it would be helpful in taking measures,” Agus said.

IBIC 2016 has discussed various strategic issues, including the efforts to encourage the development of transportation and business climate in Indonesia, collaboration with private sector to build integrity, and implementation of ASEAN Economic Community through the prevention of cross-border bribery.The government and business associations played their role in developing an anti-corruption stance and optimizing Indonesia Single Window System (INSW).