Beware of the New Modus of World Terrorist Group

By: Julius Oksy PH *)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Today, terrorism has become a hot issue among the government elites all over the world. Terrorism can happen anywhere, anytime, and towards anyone. Almost all cases of terrorism that occurred in various parts of the world are always in the name of jihad. More and more Muslims are recruited and join terrorist groups to “carry out” jihad that leads to terrorism instead. Many Muslims believe that by conducting jihad, they would have a better life in heaven. While in fact, what they are doing is nothing good but killing their own brother, other human, and performing suicide bombing for their own interests.

The dark history of terrorism in Indonesia does not make the terrorists stop and end the action. The aforementioned attacks are classified as “old fashioned” in the world of terrorism, but on July 15, 2016, there is a new mode of terrorism group in France by using trucks that was driven very quickly and was directed to a crowd of French citizens who were marching in the Bastille Day event.

In addition, terrorist groups often commit acts of terror in a number of houses of worship which is out of their belief. The terrorists consider their biggest enemy is Jewish people, but they also often attack innocent Christian people. Conducting terror in the house of worship until the church bombing have been carried out by a group of terrorists in which it certainly will ignite the flames of conflict between religions. Therefore, the growing acts of terrorism could jeopardize inter-religious harmony in Indonesia and around the world.

If we reflect on the past experience, it seems that time also takes a part in affecting the development of terrorist groups in Indonesia and the world. If we look at its history, Indonesia has the most dangerous terrorist group in the forest of Poso, Central Sulawesi, but now a new world-class terrorist group called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which terrorized almost all parts of the world emerges. Moreover, this terrorist group also claims various bombings and terror across the world as their actions. This shows that the terrorist groups are now getting bolder showing their identity before the world.

However, certainly there must be ways to prevent terrorism to rapidly grow in Indonesia, namely: first, introducing science properly. The introduction of science is very important because it serves as the basis of a person’s thinking concept. Things like this should be understood by anyone, especially younger generation. Why is that? Because most young adults are still searching for their identity and always be curious, so it would be very effective if young men are provided with positive doctrines.

Understanding science well comes after the introducing part. If one is able to comprehend both social and religious science properly, one would have a strong solid thinking.

Second, minimizing social inequalities. The social inequality among people can also trigger the seeds of terrorism. Therefore, maintaining good relations with others is very necessary. Establishing good communication intensely will also increase the sense of awareness. This is what we will achieve in the future to prevent the emergence of a new breed of terrorist groups.

Third, maintaining the unity and integrity. With very diverse backgrounds, the sense of unity and integrity must be nurtured properly. A very simple thing to implement it is to take part in the activities held by the surrounding community. That way would form a positive interaction that increase the value of unity in the community.

Fourth, supporting the action of peace. The peace action is intended as a prevention of terrorist crimes that may occur. If the case of terrorism has occurred, the action can be carried out to minimize the huge unbearable impact. People can simply support the government’s measures to commit action in peace against terrorists.

Fifth, taking an active role in reporting radicalism and terrorism. As a good citizen of Indonesia, everyone is expected to become the eyes and ears of the nation. The simple way to do that is by reporting to the local security authorities if there is any activity of suspicious unknown person. This is an effort to prevent the larger activities of terrorist groups that may endanger people.

Sixth, improving the understanding of life together. Tolerance and high solidarity is certainly necessary to establish a strong and free-of-terrorism state. By increasing the tolerance to other religions, the community has helped the government to prevent the acts of terrorism.

Seventh, filtering the obtained information. Choosing good or bad information is also very important to make sure that it is not misleading. It is hard to distinguish the news that contain propaganda or not, but the reader is expected to be an intelligent person while reading news. If the news is negative and marginalize one certain party, the reader should also check, recheck, and crosscheck to avoid propaganda.

The last one, actively socializing the danger of radicalism and terrorism. This very last measure is a persuasive way to help people to understand the danger and impact of radicalism and terrorism. By committing this way, more and more people would be aware of the danger of radicalism and terrorism.

*) Observer of Nationality and Terrorism