Public Advises Not to be Lured by Rush Money Issue, Jakarta: Director of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI) Kartiko Wiroatmodjo affirmed that the banking system is an economy pillar that should not be destroyed. He also called on the public not to be lured by the rush money issue that strengthens ahead of November 25.
“I hope that the public will not be worried and lured, because we have to maintain the banking (system),” affirmed Kartiko in the Presidential Palace Complex, Central Jakarta, Friday (11/18/2016).
He thinks that the banking system is the largest financial system in Indonesia that should be maintained well. The disrupted banking system will have an effect to the nation’s economy.
Kartiko affirmed that until now, the rush money issue has yet to affect the banking world. However, the worries on the banks that have limited liquidity has been mentioned by Kartiko. He said that the worries are not big, as the national bank liquidity is guaranteed to be solid.
“We have a liquid of Rp210 trillion in Bank Indonesia (BI). So, liquidity-wise, it is not a problem. If it hits the mid-small banks, they can be affected. But I am not worried as the market will not be lured,” he explained.
Kartiko also said the information for rush money has not been sounded loudly. They only have to advise their customers to be calm.
“Nothing to be worried about,” he said.