Mr. Ruston Situmorang obtained his law degree from University of Ibnu Chaldun and obtained a Master of Management from STEI Nusantara.

Prior to joining DK & Situmorang Lawyers, he served as a staff at Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The last position at this ministry was the head of Legal Analysis Unit. Afterwards, he worked at one of the subsidiaries of PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (“PLN”) namely PT. Andika Energindo. The last post at this company was a commissioner.

In light of his experience, he has vast amount of exposures in Energy and Mineral Resources aspects such as oil and gas, mining and power plant construction. Besides, he is exposed to a number of Mining disputes resolution and litigation activities where he has represented numerous mining companies in and off court. Accordingly he is considered an expert in these areas.

Mr. Ruston has also served as a visiting lecturer in some universities and a trainer in several training for legal aspects in mining, oil and gas and power plant business. In this firm he leads practice group of Energy and Mineral Resources.