Ms. Veronica is the Managing Partner at SNP Lawyers. Ms. Veronica obtained her Bachelor in Law and Master in Notary from Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. Before forming the SNP Lawyers, she worked at various prominent and prestigious law firms. After receiving years of experience working for these law firms, she has obtained numerous exposures in wide-ranging legal practices both national and International transactions. These include but not limited to General Corporate and Commercial matters, Merger and Acquisition, Banking and Financing, Capital Market, Energy and Mineral Resources (including coal and Oil and Gas), Intellectual Property Rights, Litigation and Real Estate.

In consideration of the above education qualifications and her hands-on and rich exposures, she has developed her knowledge, skills and ability enabling her to always be accurate in providing advise to her clients. Besides, she always provides her rich exposures to each legal analysis she is making to make sure such matters are already considered in various angles. Further, she always makes sure that all counsels will also have her rich exposures through a number of continued legal education that she always initiates.

Ms. Veronica is a licensed lawyer from Peradi (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia/Indonesian Advocate Association), a licensed Capital Market Lawyer and a registerred Intellectual Property Consultant. In this firm she leads practice group of General and Corporate Commercial, Banking and Finance, Capital Market and Disputes Resolutions.