‘Corruptors will have to clean public toilet as additional sanction’

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The House of Representatives are still reviewing additional penalties for corruptors. Some of the suggestions wereto sweep the streets and to clean the terminal or public toilets. “Currently we are still reviewing the Criminal Code Bill (RKUHP) and hopefully it can provide deterrent effects for corruptors,” said a member of House of Representatives’ commission III Arsul Sani, Sunday (16/10).

Not only that, the authority will have the legal force to give corruptors a fine penalty and confiscating assets that owned by offenders can be applied. This is aimed to give a strong message to other officials to avoid corruption. With the strengthening of criminal penalties and also additional punishment, the house expected the officials who are tempted to corrupt would change their mind. “Corruption can make the perpetrator impoverished, because they are fined and their assets are deprived,” Arsul Sani argued.

Arsul Sani assumed the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) as if it loses its power. That’s because KPK only disclosed small cases with small nominal fee. Arsul Sani think it was not proportional with the huge budget for KPK. “That criticism is to be submitted to the Commission. With huge budget, KPK should be handling big corruption case,” Arsul Sani complained.