Only 11 out of 118 Banks Join Tax Amnesty: Sri Mulyani

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that most of Indonesian banks have yet to join the tax amnesty program. Data from the Directorate General of Tax shows that only 11 out of 118 commercial banks and Regional Development Banks (BPD) have participated in the tax amnesty program.

Sri Mulyani said that 10 out of the 11 banks are domiciled in Java, whereas 1 bank is domiciled in Sulawesi. “The total retribution fee is Rp38.45 trillion and the average retribution fee is Rp3.49 trillion,” Sri Mulyani said Tuesday in tax amnesty dissemination with bank owners at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Jakarta.

As for People’s Credit Banks (BPR), Sri Mulyani said that only 110 out of 1,801 BPRs have joined the tax amnesty program. “The total retribution fee is Rp849.2 million and the average retribution fee is Rp77.2 million,” said the former World Bank director.

Data from Tax DG indicates that 94 BPRs who have joined the tax amnesty program are domiciled in Java with Rp318.7 million retribution fees, eight BRPs are domiciled in Sumatra with 67.2 million retribution fees, three BPRs are domiciled in Kalimantan with Rp454.4 million retribution fees, two BPRs are domiciled in Sulawesi with Rp2 million retribution fees, and three BPRs domiciled in Nusa Tenggara, Papua and Maluku with Rp6.7 retribution fees.