Bappenas urges state-owned enterprises to help reduce food security issues

The Jakarta Post –  Jakarta. The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) urged on Thursday state-owned companies to create corporate social responsibilities programs in relation to food security to solve chronic food and nutrition issues in Indonesia.

Bappenas head Bambang Brodjonegoro said the daily calorie intake of Indonesians currently amounted to 1,949 kilo calories (kcal), below the standard recommended calorie intake of  2,150 kcal.

Moreover, the fact that 37 percent of Indonesian toddlers suffered from stunting – a condition where height is below age standard – could threaten the nation’s workforce in the future.

“This is dangerous since when they grow up and enter the workforce, they will be a burden to the nation instead of an asset,” he said during a forum in Jakarta.

On the other end, 12 percent of Indonesian toddlers are obese, which means that the country faces a double malnutrition burden, Bambang said.

One way state-owned enterprises could play a role is by implementing community based health and nutrition projects, including by improving water sanitation in villages, he said.

“State-owned enterprises, through their core business, could play a role in developing the country by implementing corporate social responsibility programs,” he said. (win/dmr)