Kompolnas Calls on Public Not to Be Provoked by Ahok Blasphemy Case Exposé

The Jakarta Globe – Jakarta. A member of the National Police Commission, or Kompolnas, who attended the case exposé related to blasphemy allegations against Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama on Tuesday (15/11), has advised the public not to be provoked by the details, despite efforts by irresponsible parties.

“There is no accurate information but the one officially published by the National Police. The material and result of the case exposé are considered top secret, as it would only be valid if announced by the police,” Kompolnas member Poengky Indarti said in Jakarta on Tuesday evening.

She added that the public should be patient and maintain peace.

“This ongoing process is a probe, not a ‘Pro Justitia’ investigation process. It is conducted to establish if there are any criminal elements or not [before proceeding with the investigation], as part of the process,” she said.

The case exposé would also convince investigators whether the report would be eligible to proceed to the investigation phase.

“We should reaffirm that the police have complied with the criminal laws,” she said.

The police have received 14 reports and a complaint letter related to the case, while they have also conducted a preliminary investigation.

“[The police] acquired information by interviewing 29 witnesses and 39 experts,” Poengky said.

Investigators are currently continuing to collect and analyze additional information obtained in the case exposé, a move the commission said it appreciated.

“Kompolnas saw what the police have done in the process to be optimal, professional, independent, modern and transparent,” Poengky said.

She added that there is no reason for any parties to intervene or pressurize law enforcers, which could potentially affect the police’s independence.