KPPU Investigate Le Minerale Report

SINDONEWS- JAKARTA  Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) has advanced process in investigating the open summons carried out by the company bottled water, Le Minerale to a leading another bottled water brands. Currently, the process calling witnesses and the ongoing investigation.

“We have received the report and was in the process of investigation and summoning witnesses,” said Chairman of KPPU, Syarkawi Rauf in Jakarta, Thursday (13/10).

However Syarkawi not sure when the results of such investigations will announce.

“All depends on our investigator,” he said simply.

Meanwhile, PT Tirta Fresindo Jaya (PT TFJ) lawyer, Suyanto Simalongo Patria appreciate action which Commission taken to follow up the summons.

“This means that unhealthy competition can be avoided. Store free to do activities without any pressure from anyone,” said Suyanto.

He also confirmed that it had been questioned by the KPPU investigation team.

“Let the free traders make a living. There should not be a threat, and so on,” he said.

Le Minerale party have recently found a huge movement in the level of retail and wholesale that performed the leading one bottled water brands to “cover up” mistakes have been made, such as apologies and
promises of gifts.

Taken by the Commission which has conducted this investigation also welcomed the merchants. To note, on Tuesday (11/10), the trader who has been sale Le Minerale product has come the Commission to provide reports and evidence regarding intimidation and suppression they feel.

“Le Minerale summons make we happy. Moreover, the Commission’s directly responsive handling the case was going on. We feel now free to trade,” said Edi, one of trader.