TNI Commander prefers being sacrificed than being a president

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Indonesian military (TNI) Commander Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo said he prefers to be sacrificed to keep the Unity in Diversity of Indonesia than being a president. He affirmed President Joko Widodo is the commander in chief and his superior.

Gatot said he has sworn to obey the superior. “I would rather be a sacrificed to keep the Unity in Diversity than be a president,” he said in TV program Indonesia Lawyer Club on Tuesday.

During the show, Gatot was asked by the host Karni Ilyas to give comment about the people who see his figure is fit to be a president. Gatot smiled. He then told a story that happened 34 years ago when he was sworn as soldier. “In March 15, 1982, I swear on the Holy Quran. I pledged allegiance to the Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945 and obedient to superiors,” he explained.